Have you ever looked over your list of life skills only to see toasting bread and scamming your way through school the only things listed? Is there a place for you in the world? You bet your newly-made vintage shirt there is. In the lovely and often parodied Orange County, California there lies a city called Laguna Niguel.

Here I shall attempt to give you an idea of the many wonders this city has to offer.

More than once I have noted a couple of bored police officers watching traffic. True, not strange in and of itself, but outside their cars? Eating donuts? No need to walk into a stereotype. Lets also take the Laguna Niguel News, where the Police Blotter often involve stories of old ladies calling in loud children on scooters. So what you say, there's no crime, that's not a bad thing.

Need more proof of the excitement? The street sweeper at 2 in the morning is the only traffic to be seen after the streets are rolled up after business hours. Any entertainment outside of your own home requires a journey out of the city. And a trip to Acapulco (the restaurant not the Mexican city) is a high point on a Friday night. This one Taco Bell town needs all the excitement it can get.

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