Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 30: Koji Gets His Wish
Original U.S. air date: November 3, 2001
Written by: Richard Epcar

Continued from the previous episode....

After the Decepticons abandon the cavern where the ruins were concealed, Optimus Prime identifies what was hidden beneath them as Fortress Maximus, which the other Autobots believed was only a legend from Cybertron. Ultra Magnus flies off to seek out the Decepticons, while Optimus delegates team bullet train and the car brothers to guard the cavern while the build team is secretly given another task. Back in Megatron's presense, Scourge presents what information he has on the ruins and recommends that Sky-Byte be given the task of locating Cerebros, the key to using Fortress Maximus. Later, Scourge tells Mega-Octane of his own plans for the Decepticons to claim Cerebros before Megatron can and use Fortress Maximus' power for themselves. He also relates a "flashback" he experienced earlier as they approached Fortress Maximus, remembering his Autobot spark's unsuccessful mission to activate Fortress Maximus on Earth before Megatron's arrival.

Meanwhile, Sky-Byte decides to take the unconscious Dr. Onishi with him in a stasis pod in order to locate Cerebros. Scourge directs the Decepticons to occupy the bullet trains while he follows into the cavern, but Optimus Prime blocks his path. Scourge attacks him, driving him into the cavern and past Sky-Byte, who decides to postpone his mission until they are gone. Above ground he meets Koji, who remains convinced that Sky-Byte isn't evil and asks him to give his dad, Dr. Onishi, a birthday present. Just then the car brothers show up and, assuming Koji to be in danger, supercharge and attack Sky-Byte. Sky-Byte gives the stasis pod to Koji while they fight, but it opens on its own and Koji is overjoyed to have his father back. The Autobots apologize to Sky-Byte, who returns to Megatron in failure.

At the same time, Scourge has driven Optimus into the cavern where the ruins were, only to find they are gone. Optimus denies knowledge, and Scourge demands he tell anyways until Ultra Magnus returns and forms Omega Prime, driving Scourge out. He too returns to Megatron, where he protects Sky-Byte by saying the Autobots took Dr. Onishi during battle, but that he's no longer necessary now that Fortress Maximus has been uncovered. Scourge's plan is to put Sky-Byte in his debt by protecting him from Megatron. What none of them know is that Fortress Maximus has been moved above ground into the city by the build team, surrounded by a wall of canvas supposedly protecting an ordinary building under construction.

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It's now clear that Fortress Maximus was Megatron's ultimate goal ever since arriving on Earth; possibly only he and Optimus Prime truly know how much power it contains, although Scourge clearly has a very good idea. Sky-Byte, meanwhile, is as clueless as he ever was (it's ironic that Dr. Onishi's return, promised by Optimus from the very beginning, was ultimately accomplished by a villain), although Megatron doesn't yet share his increasing (and now validated) distrust of Scourge.

The Build Team's strategy for hiding Fortress Maximus in the middle of the city may seem questionable, but it certainly worked. Maximus remains effectively undiscovered until Cerebros is located in the later episode "Maximus Emerges".

In another historical Transformers tie-in, Scourge's flashback to his original Autobot mission illustrated a spacecraft flying through space towards Earth; that spacecraft was identical to the ones used by the Maximals in the Beast Wars cartoons.

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