The kissing tree is the relational structure of all people who have shared a snog. To better understand, consider the following process for mapping your own local branch of the kissing tree:

1: Write your name down on a (very large) piece of paper

2: Write down the names of every person who you have kissed

3: Draw a line between each of these people and yourself

4: Add the names of any people not already on the tree who have been snogged by people who are.

5: Add lines where appropriate to indicate which people have snogged

6: GOTO 4

This structure is not unlike that popularised by the idea of the 6 degrees of separation, however it's infinitely more interesting. Furthermore, because it maps events rather than acquaintances, it acts as a historical reference, and can be used to assist in remembering past events and sharing old stories and gossip.

A project was undertaken by the Goodwin St Commune in 1998 to map the kissing tree. The development of this project has continued through to the present day, and it now shows an estimated 400 people who have engaged in well over 1000 snogs.

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