The best show you're not watching.

Kenny vs. Spenny is a sitcom/reality show airing on the Game Show Network at seemingly random times during the night. The premise of this program involves two "best friends" competing in some random event, such as who can be the best woman or who is the better date. At the end of the program, the loser (usually Spenny) has to suffer some sort of humiliation.

Why does Spenny usually lose? Well, that is what makes the show so entertaining. Throughout the episode, the viewing audience is let in on the deception and trickery Kenny uses to beat his "best friend" in the contest du jour. Kenny's lovable evil genius is nicely juxtaposed with Spenny's earnest yet lame attempts to win the competition fair and square.

Kenny's all time low was in an episode entitled "Who can put on the best concert". In it, Spenny, a real musician, teams up with other young instrumentalists and works hard to write a silly song about how he "Just wants to beat Kenny". In the meantime, Kenny hires the Westminster children's choir to sing a hack song about the environment entitled "Don't Forget the Children". He also gets a pianist to compose the piece while he sits around playing Game Cube. As if this weren't slimy enough, Kenny uses technology to cut and paste Spenny's voice telling the other band members that the concert was cancelled and plays his recording on voice mail to all Spenny's band mates. At the concert, "Kenny's kids" sing beautifully while Spenny is left on stage to embarass himself without a band, singing a cappella (Who needs guitars anyway?). Kenny wins, and Spenny must suffer the humiliation of dressing as a baby and singing "Don't Forget the Children" on the streets.

In one episode ("Who is the best cook"), Spenny decided to give Kenny a taste of his own medicine, throwing ethics aside and having a professional chef cheat by giving him help in the assignment. Kenny doesn't cheat at all in the episode, but wins anyway because he's just a damn good cook. Spenny must eat cat food as punishment, and vomits in the process. Poor Spenny. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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