Hi people!
- Kay, every single video

As far as niche internet shenanigans go, Kay's Good Cooking (AKA Kay's Cooking) is particularly niche. She is not, to my knowledge, involved in any kind of drama, and while people do laugh at her, everybody also tries to make sure we're laughing in such a way she doesn't actually get hurt, because nobody wants her to stop.

Kay is a woman from Sheffield, England, who tries to have a cooking show on Youtube. I say tries, because what she actually has is a Kafkaesque horror and surrealist comedy show instead. With a production value of nothing, camerawork shot like a serial killer recording his hostages, a sometimes incomprehensibly strong Yorkshire accent, and a complete lack of cooking ability, Kay muscles through such recipes as meatballs, pancakes, Spaghetti Bolognese, and spring rolls.

She gained some notoriety after being spotlighted on British television, on comedian Harry Hill's show. Her older channel has 75k subscribers, but it has not been updated in two years. In 2018, she migrated to her her current channel, which is currently sitting at 50k subscribers.

Joining Kay in her escapades is her adult son, Lee, who goes by "Big Lee" on Youtube and has a few channels of his own, mostly gaming channels. Lee is a trooper; he's the camera man for his mom's show, and at the end of every video, regardless of how abjectly disgusting the food looks, Lee will eat it and give it a "thoombs oop".

Kay will occasionally upload "piss take" videos where she jokingly cooks poorly on purpose. However, Kay cooking poorly on purpose is indistinguishable from Kay's regular cooking.

Despite these crimes against culinary sensibility, Kay seems like a genuinely nice lady, and Lee-- though he seems to be a bit special in the head-- is highly supportive of his mum's cooking and her channel. The show is strangely wholesome, which is likely part of its draw, and why people tend not to say exceedingly rude things in Kay's youtube comments. Check out the comments in her most recent video, "vegan scrambled eggs". Usually Youtube comments, especially if people are mocking someone, are cesspools of swear words and telling each other to fuck their mothers. But people in Kay's audience usually keep positive, even if their comments are tongue in cheek.

"Finally a dish for us vegans. We were starving over here, Kay!"
"Drop everything, our legend Kay has uploaded"
"You're not suppose to deep fry it though. But once again you get bonus points for being creative upping the score to a 10/10"
"KAY PLEASE DONT USE METAL ON TEFLON!!!!!! stay healfey girl"

And so on.

Kay is that rare Person of Interest on the internet where people enjoy her work because of her incapability, but nobody wants her to stop. Nobody wants to be the asshole to chase bad-cooking grandma off the internet. People fucked with Chris Chan and Terry Davis. People currently fuck with Chantal and DSP. But Kay? You leave Kay alone.

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