Is German for "Chancellor of the Allies". This insult was used by Kurt Schumacher, the chairman of the SPD, against Konrad Adenauer, chairman of the CDU and chancellor of the BRD, during the debate on the 25th November 1949. Kurt Schumacher disagreed with Adenauer politics, which integrated the BRD into the Western system and made the reunion nearly impossible. During the debate about the Petersberger Abkommen (which made the life easier, but also strengthened the influence of the Allies) while Konrad Adenauer spoke, Kurt Schumacher made an interruption, and yelled "Kanzler der Alliierten" and him. After this remark he was excluded from the Bundestag for 20 days.

Though this may sound as a funny thing today, it shows the hard fight which was going on after World War II in Germany (especially in West Germany). Politicians were arguing about the right way for Germany. On one hand were the conservatives, who wanted a strong binding to the Allied Forces, on the other the SPD, which had the sorrow, that this would harden the conflict between East and West resulting in a war with Germany as the battlefield.

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