In the manga and anime Rurouni Kenshin, Kamiya Kasshin Ryu is the sword style practiced by Kamiya Kaoru and Myojin Yahiko. Originally developed by Kaoru's father, Kamiya Koshijiro, Kamiya Kasshin Ryu is a style practiced to protect oneself and others, rather than to kill one's enemy. This is enforced through the exclusive use of bamboo shinai and wooden bokken rather than live steel.


Many of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu's moves don't even use the blade, but rather the hilt, of the sword. Kaoru demonstrates this during her battle with Honjo Kamatari of the Juppongatana during the Kyoto Arc by attacking Kamatari's kneecap with the hilt of her severed bokken (Tsuka no Gedan). In the Jinchuu Arc, Yahiko demonstrates his mastery of the hilt with Kamiya Kasshin's two part secret move, the Hadome (Blade Catch) and Hawatari (Blade Crossing), where one first seals the opponent's weapon by trapping it between the wrists and under the hilt of the sword, then one charges the opponent and strikes them in the chest with the tip of the sword's hilt.

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