Hike up your skirt a little more,
show the world to me,
hike up your skirt a little more, & show the world to me.

Crash into Me~Dave Matthews Band

You don't need to move it very much. Just an inch or two will do. It's the suggestion that does it, just the inference. Your hands, on the edge of the seam, moving the fabric up, an inch, just an inch UP, as opposed to down (covering).

Something small can be enough, like your little finger, crunched in the corner of your mouth, as if to say:

if only ...

that is more than enough provocation. Such small movements set my mind racing and my blood pressure sky high. You know how blood pressure works, right? All things race away FROM the brain, away from reason, and into other areas-extermities...to the extremes.

Stand on one foot, lean against a door frame and pull off one sandal-remove a nonexistent pebble and allow me to see your ankles, knees and thighs. Test your balance and my patience.

Pull your hair above your head from the back, let the breeze cool your neck and let me see where hair meets nape. If I'm lucky, you might close your eyes for a moment. I can watch you think-or sleep, perchance to dream.

It doesn't take much. Not much at all.

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