Today I made a list of goals for myself. I went online to file for the Child Tax Rebate that I received. Even though I had this sitting on my desk, and ultimately it probably took less than five minutes to finish, I let it stay there instead of just turning on my computer and doing it right away. It was a good lesson. I felt bad when I saw that card sitting there, I had plenty of time to file, in the meantime money I could have used was allowed to stay with the government instead of returning to me. Going forward I am going to start following the rule that states that if a task takes less than two minutes to complete, then I need to do it right away. This is the kind of procrastination that is just silly, I wish I knew why I avoid things like that, but it doesn't matter because now I am armed with a new mindset and behavior. 

Yesterday was pretty slow at work. I anticipate that this afternoon will also be slow, and probably most of next week too. By not accepting a job when it was offered to me, I gave up future wages for the ones I have now. This is another good lesson, it hurts to be stuck in an environment I don't like with not very much to do. It's up to me to have a good attitude when I would rather be at home, or out with some of my friends. This morning I went back to my Women Who Love Too Much book by Robin Norwood. Every day I try to read something in it. There are days when I read something I just read and think, how easy it is to read, how hard it is to implement what she's saying in my daily life. However I have seen progress and that keeps me going. Everything she said has come true so far. Changing the way I think and act is no small matter, but this is important to me so I will stick with it. One of my goals was to write daily, so here I am, starting is always the hardest part.



P.S. The girls are leaving today so I'm kind of sad about that.


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