My wife got contacted by a recruiter the other day and got a job the following day (yesterday).

I, in turn, had another catch up with the company director that I had an interview with a little while back.

The job on offer is similar to what I have done in my previous role. Problem was... the previous company was a soul sucking shithole that made me feel worthless. Every single other job I have had, I was easily in the top 3 workers and bosses were always happy to recommend me to others. My last job was like a horrible relationship that slowly wore down my defenses and then started stripping my soul.

I ranted about this before, so I'll move on.

The job on offer is good, and the boss is really switched on, nice and reasonable. I came in again for a catch up and after some formalities we ended up talking about motorbikes for about 40 minutes. He brought up pay and I said that last time we spoke he said that what I was asking for was probably a bit much (I like my job and asked for a LOT (for what I do)).

I told him how much I wanted and he just said "we can do/manage that"

He asked what he needed to do, and I told him he just needed to send me a job offer email.

I walked out of the meeting confused O_o
It's more than 20k more than what I get (though job is much harder), but it puts me in a pretty much respectable pay bracket.

--- side note
My last job and bosses made me feel like I was lucky to have a job.
When I asked for a payrise (because I pretty lived there and they used to turn the lights off on me), they said I was lucky they didn't fire me.
When I left, they replaced me with two people (both of whom quit because there was too much work).
They made me feel I wasn't good at my job
It was a soul sucking shithole that still affects my decisions :/
--- end side note

My wife came home from her first day of work, (which she really enjoyed) and I told her about my job offer. We decided to go out and celebrate. She was delighted about all the news and even got a bit teary, saying something like "it's not like we've had it bad, but it's nice to finally get a break". Which I took to mean that we stop running on the spot and actually get somewhere.

I thought about this and came up with this:
After quitting my shitty underpaid job (I was a little bit in debt and hating life):

  • I paid off ALL my loans
  • I got engaged
  • I bought an investment property
  • I got married
  • I went on a holiday
  • I have a little bit of savings
  • I will have had 4 payrises in about 2 years since I left
  • I will be buying a home pretty soon

Everyone needs a little bit of a GET FUCKED attitude once in a while; if you're feeling oppressed, you summon all that you have, collect all the hatred and the rage, breath into your stomach, and do what needs to be done in an orderly fashion.

I had reservations about taking the job, but after the dinner with my wife it's no longer a question.

I will hand in my resignation on Monday and will accept the new position.

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