(This is part of an experiment in hypertext fiction. See Bridgeborough, New Jersey for more information).

In 1984, a rich philantropist, photographer and environmentalist named Winston Brooks became aware of a dangerous controlled substance that hit the streets of Bridgeborough, New Jersey and much of the eastern seaboard in the US, including New York and Maryland. This drug was called Rhaspody by those distributing it, and sold like wildfire. The side-effects for this drug were unpredictable and in many cases deadly, and he sought to find a way to combat its entrance into America.

During the 1970s Brooks had dealings with the now defunct group of costumed do-gooders known only as The Belonging but this group had since disbanded. He asked for the aid of his long-time friend Doctor Brandon Witcher but his daughter said he was out of the country. Brooks needed new heroes to combat the plague, and set events into motion which brought a number of new vigilantes together. He found them in New York and requested they investigate Rhaspody and follow it to its source.

The masked Harlequin had recently lost a loved one to the drug, and was one of the first to answer Brooks' call. Ranger also responded as did a few others. They teamed up with Jumping Jack Flash and followed the trail of death and destruction to the Yucatan. Jumping Jack Flash learned that his recently aquired powers of super speed came from this drug, and that it was slowly killing him. He gave his life to assist in the destruction of Rhaspody's labratories and the only known copies of the directions to recreate the drug. The heroes returned to Brooks' estate with news of success but also one casualty. Ranger carried the limp body of Jumping Jack Flash in his arms when they gave the news to Brooks. A funeral ceremony was held, and on that day it was announced to the public that Jumping Jack Limited would serve as the central organization for all costumed heroes of Bridgeborough, New Jersey, with Brooks serving as its predominant financial source, and in occasionally strained conjunction with local, state and federal authorities. It's primary headquarters were the mansion of Winston Brooks, until notable security risks caused him to lease a building in Bridgeborough, New Jersey for JJL's operations.

Soon after the Rhaspody operation transpired, Harlequin and Brooks had a strong disagreement, and Harlequin was the first to voluntarily quit the team, preferring to work solo to protect the city he called home. Ranger operated as the team's tactical leader for a time, but left by 1990 to investigate the reasons behind his departure from the Wild West and arrival in this new century. However, others came to stand in their place and serve under Winston Brooks' wing to defend Bridgeborough from enemies and threats both foreign and domestic to America's shores. Most notable among these replacements was Hallows' Eve who had been the leader of The Belonging, and only known survivor of that group to still live near Delaware Bay.

The institution of Jumping Jack Limited existed in one form or another until soon after Brooks' disappearance in 1995, when there came a question as to the continued funding of the operation. Some of the remaining members were recruited by an undisclosed government operation. The rest simply moved on to personal endeavours. Today, Jumping Jack Limited is little more than a memory now, and there are no known plans for its return. Only a statue at the entrance of Brooks Gallery remains, depicting the founding members of JJL, as a reminder of what has been and what might have been.

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