One of the coolest things I've ever done in my life is fly in a stunt airplane, and I have footage to remember it for the rest of my life.

Stunt Air Plane Footage Here

Now I've flown in airplanes before, but I haven't flown in something quite like this. One of the most advanced stunt airplane in the world, the MX-2.

"Lot of G's... Lot of G's!" exclaimed world class pilot Greg Poe.

"What he can do with an airplane defies physics... and Greg Poe is nuts, he is absolutely certifiable insane, and when you see him fly you'll understand why I say that," said John Bagley, who is coordinating the event.

I wish someone had told me that before I got into the MX2 with Greg Poe.

"How are you doing?" Asked Poe.

"I'm handling it okay," I replied.

"Look out to the side, at the wing tip," Poe told me.

"Yeah I'm definitely blacking out a little bit," I admitted.

"This weekend is not going to be your grandfather's old barn storming kind of air show. This is new age, high-tech, this airplane is the top areodynamic airplane in the world!" explained Poe.

Poe continued, "Rolls, loops, spins, but its this New Age thing called gyroscopic aerobatics. We've got these wild names like Newton's Foley, cork screw, and pin wheel, because we make the airplane whip around like it's out of control."

But even on the ground, you'll be amazed when you see a one wheelie without the wing hitting the ground.

"Every time I fly these old planes it gives me chills," said Bagley.

Or - you can test your courage like I did, and stand on the runway ready to stop an airplane. (This is probably the coolest looking video in the story)

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