His precise words have been lost to the fog of my memory but during a lull in the conversation he remarked that the noders he’s met have been interesting people. The word interesting was a provocative choice because one drunken night long ago someone else said something very similar to me. At vadewal’s party I ordered a gin and tonic. Around eleven the bartender asked me what my name was. My first impulse was to give him a name other than my real one. Perhaps I didn't want to be reminded that it was late at and instead of being at home with my family I was alone in a city that didn’t know me.

Interestingly vandewal was the first person I met at Lizard's Liquid Lounge. During the evening I listened to an impassioned anime discussion. From there the conversation turned to teen sexuality and the best method for teenagers to express their sexuality safely. Nodermeets are tough for me to write about because it’s next to impossible to accurately convey the experience. Details that are important to me may be trivial to someone else. Other people took different photographs. They may have different memories attached to the night and I’m sure they remember a lot of the things I’ve already forgotten.

Driving home a full size passenger van wouldn’t let another car advance. Through my rear view mirror I could see the van edging the other car off the road. That night I wasn’t thinking it would be a good day to die which is progress because I spent most of the trip back from the Indiana nodermeet wondering how I was going to make it to the next day. Interacting with noders on E2 has helped me in some ways, hurt me in others and perhaps this isn’t your traditional aftermath writeup but then I’m not your average noder either. May you all live through the interesting times in your life.

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