Foreword: I have only played "Version 1" of the game "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent", in which this organisation is found. Versions 1 and 2 have very different plotlines, characters and missions, so most of this information is only applicable to version 1. Version 1 was released on Xbox 360, PC and Playstaion 3; Version 2 was released on Xbox, Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii.

"John Brown's Army", or the JBA, is a fictional "domestic" terrorist organisation found in the video game "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent". They are the primary antagonists of the game, who plot to overthrow the U.S. government as they see it to be overtly corrupt. The game's protagonist, Sam Fisher, in undertaking what Irving Lambert cites as being "the most dangerous mission of his career", must infiltrate the JBA to destroy it and gain information about its associate terrorist groups. They live in and operate out of what appears to be an abandoned industrial compound in an unknown American city. They are named after the 19th century anti-slavery activist John Brown.

Throughout the game, the JBA's revolutionary plans slowly unfold before Sam, as he partakes in their many crimes and gains their trust (the balance of the NSA's and the JBA's trust in Sam is a major element in the game). He becomes a member of the JBA after helping Jamie Washington (one of their long-time members) escape from Ellsworth Penitentiary (by digging a Shawshank Redemption-style tunnel in his cell wall), after being placed there by the NSA. The following missions are then given to Sam by the JBA:

  • To capture a super-tanker, the "Rublev", located in the Sea of Okhotsk (later Sam learns that it is to be used to transport a Red Mercury bomb to Los Angeles).
  • In Shanghai, to steal certain documents from a scientist who is selling some "Red Mercury" (a semi-fictional ballotechnic chemical) to the JBA, whilst the transaction in underway.
  • To plant a Red Mercury bomb on a Mexican cruise ship in Cozumel, to test the JBA's new Red Mercury tech.
  • In Kinshasa, Republic of Congo, Sam is only intended to be there for "extra security" while a meeting is taking place between the JBA and their other terrorist associates, but later he is sent to kill an NSA mole that is working for one of their collaborators (the mole is one of Sam's NSA associates, making the choice as to whether or not to kill him somewhat troublesome).

Other missions take place in the game before and after the aforementioned missions, but under the direction of the NSA, rather than the JBA. Also within the JBA missions, Sam is given objectives by the NSA; such as to sample the Red Mercury in Shanghai and bug the room in which the Kinshasa meeting takes place. Between each of the JBA missions, Sam is taken back to the JBA headquarters, where he must perform certain tasks to further the JBA's cause (such as assembling mines or training on an obstacle course), and snoop about to gather intel for the NSA. There he also sleeps with the JBA's only female member; Enrica Villablanca.

Eventually, Sam destroys the JBA, killing all but one of its members. If the player has maintained enough of the NSA's trust, there is also a bonus mission where the JBA's only surviving member is preparing to detonate the Red Mercury bomb in New York City, and Sam is sent to stop him. After defusing the bomb, Sam is then caught by the authorities, but escapes into the harbour waters, not to be seen until the sequel ("Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction", to be released in 2008).

Key JBA members:

  • Emile Dufraisne: Born 1956, Opelousas, Louisiana. Emile is the founder and leader of the JBA, and always believed that he was "destined for greatness". He has a shaved head, slight figure and is quite intelligent, although very intolerant of disobedience.
  • Carson Moss: Born 1972, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Carson is Emile's right-hand-man, and head of JBA security. Was set to become a professional football player, but sustained a bad knee injury. He is disliked by and antagonistic towards every member of the JBA, except Emile and Enrica (since he's in love with her). He constantly works out, and is a very large man.
  • Jamie Washington: Born 1979, Bowling Green, Kentucky. A very polar character; ruthlessly vicious towards anyone in his way, but generally cheerful and amicable. He helps Sam become a JBA member after the two of them break out of prison together. Believes himself to be a very close friend of Sam's, despite their relatively short history.
  • Enrica Villablanca: Born 1977, Boca Raton, Florida. With a PhD in Biochemistry, Enrica works both in the JBA's infirmary and as an electronics technician, of sorts. She isn't a true believer in the JBA's cause, and seems to be being blackmailed by Emile. She is Sam's contact and guide through some missions, giving him instructions and removing certain obstacles for him (such as activating a steam-room on the cruise ship to provide cover). Sam seduces her in order to keep her from telling Emile that he was in a restricted area of the JBA compound.
  • Stanley Dayton: (no birth info) Dayton is the JBA's head computer technician, and overlooks the security systems. He hates everyone in the JBA (except Enrica, of course) and has terrible health. While experiencing a nightmare, he can be heard saying "No, mommy, not the hairbrush!".

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