The opening lyric to the Tom Waits song 'Jockey Full Of Bourbon' off the Rain Dogs album released in 1985.

One of Mr. Waits' most evocative lyrics it combines the smooth flowing metre of a piano lounge number while ever-so-gently rocking to the sound of a inner city train or a cuban basement bar.

Here are some notes on the lyrics:

Dutch Pink on a downtown train    [1]
I'm full of bourbon, I can't stand up
And I'm stepping on the devil's tail   
Across the stripes of a
full moon's head     [5]
Flamingo drinking from a cocktail glass    [6]
Admire the view from up on top of the mast
Stazybo horn and a Slingerland ride   

[1] Notice how 'drop dead' and 'downtown' just *ping* off each other
[2] Here we see some of Mr. Waits' trademark stream of consciousness ramblings. Also notice how many times (and with what regularity) numbers appear in this verse (Million, Two, Sixteen, Two)
[3] The chorus suggests a young woman who might be caught up in a complicated or dangerous situation which is not of her doing. Perhaps it is Mrs. Million?
[4] Living dangerously
[5] The moon's head is the white light that is casts on the streets at night. Walking across the stripes of a full moon's head suggests walking across patches of moonlight cast between tall buildings at night.
[6] This refers to one of those bar-top ornaments of a long-necked bird which slowly takes all the liquid out of a glass by continually dunking into it using a pendulum action.
[7] Our hero is a sailor. This ties in with the track 'Singapore' from the same album.
[8] Slingerland is a drum manufacturer and a ride is a type of drum cymbal. This line suggest a lazy, crazy type of jazz music.

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