It should be Ierker, where the es are pronounced like the a in day. The stress is on the first syllable like it would be in English. Thus: It's not a Jungle J, but rather Yes. -- Andreas Gaunitz
blondino says Pronounciation more like 'Yairker as you said. Just wanted to point out that the first vowel "e" is more like the "ai" in "air"
IKEA's Jerker is the über-geek's computer desk of choice. The design is very simple: two vertical T frames dotted with holes all the way up and down, joined by a vertical panel. Table top and several shelves can be stacked in infinitely variable height configurations.
   _                           _
  |\\                         |\\
  |:||_______________________ |:||
  |:||                       \|:||
  |:||                        \:||  
  |:||                         \||
 _|:||______________________  |:||
 \|:||                      \ |:||
  |:||                       \|:||
  |:||                        \:||
  |:||                         \||
  |:||\                         \| 
  |:||/\                         \
  |:||  \_______----------________\
|\|:||                         |||  
\ \:||_________________________|||
 \  ||                       \  ||
  \ \\                        \ \\
   \ \\                        \ \\
    \ \\                        \ \\
     \ ||                        \ ||
      \||                         \||
There are different versions of the Jerker, the original has a pentagonal table top with Mouse Ears(tm), little pullout shelves that can be used to rest a mouse pad and came with two shelves. The second version, as pictured above, has only one shelf and a boring rectangular tabletop. Optional extra shelving and swivel trays can be outfitted.

All this started with a simple purchase from a company's moving out sale, ending up with a dismantled unit and no clue on how to reassemble it. Googleing for Jerker IKEA instructions returned BEHOLD! The Jerker Shrine as the first hit, where lots of geeks post their tricked out Jerker configurations. Eventually I found my way to a PDF scan of assembly instructions and a pronounciation guide (see intro).

My Jerker has a Neuspeed decal on the side.

Jerk"er (?), n.


A beater.


Beau. & Fl.


One who jerks or moves with a jerk.

3. Zool.

A North American river chub (Hybopsis biguttatus).


© Webster 1913.

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