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kiss me through the window
drink until the end of thirst
multitude of rain

tired but that was in my head and I didn’t want to lose it and not quite ready for sleep yet

Pete called last night after closing the store, invited me over, called back to say never mind, flat tire, called back to say never mind, fixed it, come over. So I did. Had to call from gas station rainy pay phone because I remember no right turn where clearly there had to be one. God struck me dumb, he agreed. Pete in rumpled pjs. Loveline, Milk and Cheese.

later. edebroux is on the floor surrounded my paper and notebooks, “organizing.” I’m reading Milk and Cheese Gone Bad and being so impressionable, have just written a scary milk and cheesy letter to Discover.

Will’s working but sounded too busy for a visit so we won’t go down to see him unless he calls to beg, which he will, but we probably won’t go anyway.

brocolli broccoli from the steamer, crunchy and green so much unlike the cafeteria melt-in-your-mouth brown gooey broccoli.

My socks are still in Vicy’s shower, she tells me, from the night I couldn’t figure out where else to put them.

dim gray freezing today and I have accomplished nothing today do you hear me NOTHING. the radio threatens snow but I don’t see it.

at Pete’s house we were both generally back to normal or as near as we can get and it is a good good thing I have here.

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