Brief List O' Failures:

#1: Need a book to complete; a reasonable translation cannot be had to English or contemporary Swedish, so I need an antiquarian bookstore in another country. A relatively blameless thwart.

#2: Essentially same but have no notion of how to distinguish between good and bad translations to ensure I get it right. May eventually post expressly to be complained at for factual inaccuracies.

#3-#4: Writing can only be done in short bursts before I get too angry to form coherent sentences and just write WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU CRETINS?! over and over.

#5: Requires extensive consultation of multiple sources which translates to me repeatedly: opening the document; peering at it for five seconds; saying »Uuurgh, not without getting paid«; returning to lying around like a beached walrus with a teacup and Almqvist.

#6 through #12: Am just an imbecile.

#13: Has been secretly replaced with a Rat King.

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