I was sitting in the Kmart parking lot this evening flipping through the radio stations (as I had forgotten my cd's in my van). As I was doing so I came across a station that told me "Dr. Whomever of Wherever University had been researching Dr. Martin Luther Kings speeches and wanted you to think about this line." Whereupon they played the obligatory ending of his "I have a dream" speech. Right as this played I looked up to see a black man unhappily pushing all the carts together to walk them back to the store. I don't know why but this struck me as rather poignant. I guess it was just thinking about what a shit job that must be. Thinking that if we all pitched in and helped each other by walking our carts back to the store (lets face it America, we could use the exercise) this guy wouldn't have this particular job. No we wouldn't be taking his job away from him, I'm sure he has tons of other menial tasks to attend to within the store. Maybe I'm wrong, it just seemed sad to be hearing this speech about all people being equal and seeing some poor bastard having to do crap work. Punctuated by the fact that King was a leader for black civil rights and this guy was black, and doing a job his pre-desegregation ancestors would have had to do. The only difference being they didn't have a choice because of laws, he doesn't have a choice because of the state of the economy.

we've come a long way, and have further still to go...

It's been a weird day. I've been walking around in a giant haze; my head feels like a beehive - ideas swarm in, ideas swarm out. I can't seem to do much more than sit here and stare at the screen. I have these days every now and then, and thankfully they come on days when not much is going on. Usually I just avoid everyone I possibly can, do some reading, and turn in early. Unfortunately, I had work today. Work. At my new job.

First, a little background information. I used to work at the computer lab at my school. I used to want to be a system administrator at this school, but I recently decided to move to NYC so that plan is out the crapper. Back when I did want to be a system administrator here, I decided that I'd forward my career by moving over to the help desk. It's a lot easier to move into higher positions from this position, so I applied for the job when the opportunity popped. I didn't get the job, so I applied for a student position doing almost the same thing for a huge pay cut.

Work has generally been going ok with the exception of the 2nd rate treatment I'm getting because I'm a student worker. More often than not, the "regular" workers say things which would be obvious to anyone with 1 eye.

"Hey that computer was set in the snow. Don't turn it on." (Whoa crap! I almost missed that cold white stuff cached on the case! Thanks, friend!)
"...I know, but I'm on the phone." (Is that what that large thing by your head is?)
"...so I'm like, Where is it coming from? (mocking voice) I dunno!" (On an issue that was mistakenly handed to me which I was not trained on)

It's annoying to be treated like a boob just because I'm a student worker. I'm more qualified to handle some issues than anyone in this place, and when such issues come up, they come running to me. I suppose part of the job description should have been, Must take verbal abuse and overlook said abuse when help is needed.

My Dad's continued deviation from his normal persona is also weighing on me heavily. I just got back from a ski trip with him, my brother, my girlfriend, and his girlfriend of 2 months. While sitting around the pool one evening after a day of skiing, conversation jumped from school to, Hey sweetie I'm getting married in 4 months. He's only been going out with this chick for 2 months (although he says he's been known her for 2 years). When I asked my brother if he knew anything about it, he told me he didn't even know; and he's going to have to live with her.

Yvette (the girlfriend), herself, is nice enough, although her laugh is grating and far too easy to be trusted. My Dad is goo-goo over her, and whenever she's around you can't expect to get much interaction out of him (Will my real father please stand up?). I was talking to him in the hot tub when he simply just looked away and started talking to Yvette. We had eye contact; I was mid-sentence; it didn't matter.

If this post is somewhat disjointed and depressing, I apologize. Like I said, I've been in a haze today, and all that does is allow my mind to dredge up the muddy thoughts from the bed of my brain.

What is it about snow,
That inspires delight?

Delicate pristineness

blown hither and thither

a welcome interruption

of the mundane?

the prospect of uniformity that glistens

the unpredictability of

where the next flake will fall-

Or is it merely

a primeval wonder

that we are still fortunate

to recall?

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