Today's news: completely depressing.

First is American business' plan to improve its profits and revenues this year. Yup, they're all planning on putting more out, getting more done, and making buttloads more money. But not through any hiring. No, they're going to keep staffing where it is. They'll just work the people that much harder. And supposedly sell to the increasing numbers of unemployed but still profit somehow.

Second is the Phillipines deciding to clean up their country in advance of the Pope's visit by literally caging every homeless child they can find and putting them where they cannot be seen. Not sure if you're up to date with the politics of this particular Pope, but might I suggest you do something else, he's not likely to be impressed.

you curled your body on its
haunches, on the sofa, on your feet,
bare and grabbing at my toes, nosing
my knees as though you'd fetch
whatever i dared to throw.

your brown face splits in a
toothy horizon, then


ruby in the sand,

you say
let's take naked pictures,


when you were little the neighbour's daughter
used to touch you in the dark


he poured gasoline in your hair
on the stairs, on cocaine, honestly,
and the snow snarled at your feet
for ten blocks when you ran like a rabbit
in the night.

sometimes i swear
i made you all up in my mind.

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