Jane Alexander, was born Jane Quigley on October 28, 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts. She first went to Sarah Lawrence College then transferred to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She married fellow actor Robert Alexander in 1962, their marriage lasted seven years before it ended in divorce. She has four children.

Alexander is a successful film producer, writer and translator. She has starred in such acclaimed films as "Testament", "Playing for Time" (Emmy), "Eleanor and Franklin, The White House Years" (Emmy Nomination and TV Critics Circle Award), "All The President's Men" (Academy Award Nomination) and "In Love and War."

She was the chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) from 1993 till she resigned in 1997. She also serves on the Boards of Wildlife Conservation International, Project Greenhope, the National Stroke Association, and Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament. She is a recipient of the Israel Cultural Award and the Helen Caldicott Leadership Award.

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