I hate to admit it but I was wrong. When I was young, I used to laugh at the word gay, fag, freak, and any other rude and wrong comment. It wasn't until I met Kacey that I realized I was missing out. When I met Kacey, who was bisexual, she was so funny, she had this style about her that not too many people have and I haven't really seen before. I met Vince, who was gay, and that was cool. I met Travis who was black, and I even met met Jason who was a crack head, just like my brother. The thing is if I would have known the information most people look at first, I would have kept my distance from them, the thing is I'm glad my eyes were opened that day. I have the best friends anyone could ask for and the thing is everything everyone else looks down upon are the things I admire about them. I know it sounds strange but I like them for who they are and wouldn't want them to change for anything.

Oh, oh darling kryptica, you are so misguided and foolish. It's nice to accept things in your friends, but, admiring someone for being a crack head isn't exactly commendable. I mean, this is something that you should be helping people to change not admiring them for, I mean, really! Though I suppose it's good that you don't judge them harshly for it, I would expect a bit more from you in the common sense department, grasshopper.

While it's nice that you've accepted homosexuality and the like (and I know first hand - inside joke of sorts), there are some things that just aren't admirable. Oh, I'd like to point out that after rolling around on the floor (literally) and laughing about this whole concept of admiring a crackhead, I thought how inherently wrong the node title was. What she meant was that they aren't bad at all, not that they aren't that bad, which is a completely different thing which still finds fault in homosexuality or being of a different skin colour. Though, I guess it's appropriate for the crackhead thing, in some strange way.

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