Isn't Anything, released in 1988 on Creation, is the second album by shoe-gazing originators My Bloody Valentine. MBV are best remembered for their 1991 masterpiece Loveless, and while Isn't Anything is a very different album, it isn't any less fascinating. You can still hear the goth hangover, but with songs like (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream you can hear that, yeah, this is a band that know's how to rock. Coming at MBV from reverse (Loveless first, then Isn't Anything), it's almost impossible not to, at some point, think 'oh, that sounds like a song from Loveless!' And Isn't Anything works as a prelude to the brian-shaking glory of Loveless. To regard it as only that is to do it a disservice however, as Isn't Anything is one of the great albums of the late 80's.

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