Sixteenth album by Genesis, released June 1986. Reached #1 on the albums chart in the UK, #3 in the United States. (In the UK, was the 14th best selling album of 1986, and the 18th best selling album of 1987.) Contains the following tracks:
  1. Invisible Touch *
  2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight *
  3. Land of Confusion *
  4. In Too Deep *
  5. Anything She Does
  6. Domino
  7. Throwing It All Away *
  8. The Brazilian
* - Indicates tracks that were released as singles.

Also the first track from the album of the same name, released as the first single from the album. Reached #15 in the UK, #1 in the United States, #16 in Germany, and #13 in Poland.

Lyrics and music by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford

(The song grew out of a single guitar riff by Mike Rutherford and some sudden inspiration by Phil Collins in the lyrics department. In live concerts, Phil has been known to sing the line in the third verse, "And though she will fuck up your life...")

Source: Invisible Touch liner notes; Genesis AtoZ at for chart position information, also The Complete Guide To The Music Of Genesis, Chris Welch (Omnibus Press, 1995)

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