An album released by Robyn Hitchcock in 1986, and rereleased on CD in 1995. It's not a polished, coherent album, but rather a collection of various recordings (most of which were previously unreleased or rare) made with friends, members of former bands, or just people that he knows from the Cambridge folk scene. (From the liner notes: "These songs have arrived on the same record together because a) they didn't fit in with what I was doing at the time and b) they do fit in with one another now.")

Guest performers on the album include Matthew Seligman (Soft Boys, Thompson Twins), Morris Windsow, Andy Metcalfe, Vince Ely (Psychedelic Furs), and Thomas Dolby.

While there are many accessible songs on the album, it's definitely not the one that you would use to introduce someone new to Hitchcock's music.

  1. All I Wanna Do Is Fall in Love (1981)
  2. Give Me a Spanner, Ralph (1980)
  3. A Skull, A Suitcase, and a Long Red Bottle of Wine (1980)
  4. It's a Mystic Trip (1980)
  5. My Favourite Buildings (1980)
  6. Falling Leaves (1984)
  7. Eaten By Her Own Dinner (1981)
  8. The Pit of Souls (1981)
  9. Trash (1983)
  10. Mr. Deadly (1983)
  11. Star of Hairs (1984)
  12. Messages of Dark (1983)
  13. Vegetable Friend (1985)
  14. I Got a Message for You (1985)
  15. Point It at Gran (1985)
  16. The Abandoned Brain (1986)
  17. Let There Be More Darkness (1983)
  18. Blues in A (1981)
  19. Listening to the Higsons (1982)
  20. Dr. Sticky (1981)

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