One day a tornado came through a city
leveled offices and decimated schools
At the time no one knew where they came from,
so Mr. Dawerkin played the adults for fools.

He shouted from atop his pedestal:
"It's clear what caused this disaster!
Forget cold and warm fronts, walls cost too much,
Remove the root cause, and nature we'll master!"

"Birds flap their wings when they try to fly,
That made the wind that tore up our town!
If we kill every bird, not just here but worldwide,
Tornadoes will never again spin around!"

So the adults began their campaign that day
Not a single one was missed
Chickens to robins, penguins to pelicans
You can bet Greenpeace tried to resist.

Parents took aways kids' pet parrots as well
"We'll save money on crackers, since there's no more Polly."
Scientists called birds safe, but they were silenced,
"Your lack of worry's a dangerous folly!"

The adults were all dancing and drinking
When the last living bird was disposed of
Everyone was having so much fun
They didn't see the thunderstorm above...

Then the black funnel pummeled the city
Both people and buildings were bruised.
Dawerkin had promised kind weather
So the adults were utterly confused.

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