Red Men, Improved Order of, a social, fraternal, and benevolent secret organization founded on the customs and traditions of the aborigines of the American continent, and the oldest benevolent society in the United States of distinctively American origin and growth. The first authenticated Red Men's Society was organized in Philadelphia, Pa., early in 1763. The order is composed of subordinate bodies called tribes, officered by a sachem, senior sagamore, junior sagamore, prophet, chief of records, keeper of wampum, and minor sub-chiefs. In each State posessing necessary membership a Great Council is constituted, composed of representatives from the various tribes under its jurisdiction, and officered by similar chiefs to the subordinate tribes, with the prefixed title of Great. The Great Council of the United States is the supreme legislative body, and is composed of representatives from each Great Council. The number of great councils has reached 63; the membership, over 475,000; the benefits disbursed since organization, more than $24,000,000, and in a single year, nearly $1,500,000.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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