The IUSY Festival 2000 was held in Malmö, Sweden on 24-30 July 2000. It was a meeting point for young people who share the same struggle. Young People who stand up for democracy, freedom and justice troughout the world. People who belive in the Power of Solidarity and in solidarity as a means to change the world. the largest IUSY Festival for several decades. 6037 participants from 121 organisations from almost 100 countries and lots of cheap swedish beer made the Festival a success. The great mobilisation confirms that IUSY is one of the most important youth organisations in the world.

Among the participants was President Thabo Mbeki, the norwegian minister of education Trond Giske, The swedish prime minister Gj0ran Person, President Lagos of Chile, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Mencú and of course Zyntax.

Be sure to visit the next IUSY festival in 2003.

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