The IBM Netfinity 3500 M20, introduced in Q2 2000, is a X86 based mid-range server. It has a PCI-64 planar with on-board video, fast ethernet and LVD U2W SCSI. The video chip is a S3 savage4 pro, the fast ethernet is provided by an intel etherexpress NIC and the SCSI is from adaptecs ultra160 controller family. The server comes with two CPU sockets made for Pentium 3 coppermines and 4 SDRAM slots, all contained in a boxy black chassis.

The 3500 M20 comes with Windows 2000 preinstalled, but Linux and NT 4 are also known to work well with it. Due to the fact that NT 4 can only detect SCSI hard disks on the first controller found, it needs to be installed from diskettes instead of being booted off CD, but other than that, no special preparations need to be made when installing these operating systems.

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