Seeing the world is indeed a great thing, as long as you remember where home is. Home is in the heart but also with the people you know and love. Many yearn for the greener grass on the other side of the proverbial fence. As has already been said, no matter where you go, it is still you that is there. You don't magically become someone else just because you are in Iran.

Seeing the world can be an adventure in travel and a break from the daily grind. I'm sure it would be fantastic to see the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids in Egypt. It would be great to see these things, but unfortunately most of us don't have the time or money to go on such an expensive and time consuming excursion. That is where the dream comes in, but really, if you see the Taj Mahal, then you'll have to stop dreaming about seeing the Taj Mahal because you will have already seen it. Maybe it won't be as impressive as you imagine. A friend of mine dreamed of going to Paris and came back saying it was not the kind of dream she imagined and that there was crime and rude people there just like there was at home in Baltimore (although I'm pretty sure Paris is more exciting than Baltimore, but see, I've never been there).

Seeing the world can be done through movies and television as well as books and magazines. Why do we enjoy these forms of entertainment? Because they take us to new and exciting places with interesting people. When I travelled to London on business in the 1980s I found myself constantly trying to get used to the cultural differences (as well as driving on the other side of the road) and getting accustomed to being in a foreign land. I was rushing about in confusion most of the time, and when I got home I found it was easier to tour London by watching television shows about it instead.

Seeing the world can be an idea. It can be your idea to do it in any way that fits your particular style. Some people travel well. I'm always at wits' end. Other people can handle living in one place this year and another the next. I need my comfortable slippers and a familiar skyline. Some people are born to real life adventure, kayaking in Alaska or hiking in Bangladesh. I prefer to go deep sea fishing off the Maryland coast and thats about as much adventure as I can handle these days. Still, I enjoy traveling in the pages of a good book or looking at photographs or films that take me into the majestic beauty of another part of the world. You may be different.

Ask this question of yourself: How do you want to see the world?

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