The most profoundly offensive bit of video I've seen in quite some time, "I like to watch" is guaranteed to make 9 out of 10 Fox News viewers begin to sputter and howl. This 3-minute video produced by the Church of Euthanasia, released December 2001, juxtaposes hard-core pornography, sports footage, and clips from the morning of September 11th, set to an electronica beat. The lyrics dwell on penetration, masturbation, and the sexual release of the terrorist attack. Video compositing was used to splice video together, such that women caress the phallic towers with their tongues as the lyrics reference penetration. Such lyrical nuggets as "People dive into the street/ While I play with my meat" are represented in a most graphic manner.

The American flag's first full appearance was judiciously chosen for maximum effect. As the music goes "Now my hand’s all sticky/ And I can’t find a rag/ I guess I’ll have to use/ The American Flag", we see, well, a guy who just jacked off wiping up his mess with an American flag. The group of people I saw this with audibly groaned and gasped.

This video's value lies in how it cleverly exploits the propagandization of Sept. 11, but in the end it still feels like something done a little too easily for shock value. I suppose connecting voyeurism with 9/11 is insightful; I credit its originality, and I do hope when such luminaries as Jerry Falwell see it, they give us some spectacular quotes.

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