Once, long ago Tom Hanks played Kip on Bosom Buddies. In one episode, after he attempts to fight someone, he was punched out. When asked felt, he said "I can taste the floor"

GOOD GOD! I'm horrified that this crap is rolling around my brain ready to be spouted at a moments notice, when more important things, like the history of the European monarchy evaporates like so much isopropyl alcohol. By the way, it is truly scary how much information comes up when you search for "bosom buddies episode guide" on google.

But Wait ! There's More!

This was also spoken by Arthur in the animated series of The Tick. In "The Tick V. Science" Arthur had his brain swapped with a large monster made entirely of tongue muscle, appropriately named Tongue-tongue. As Arthur walked around he could taste everything he touched, including the floor. Dr. Mung-Mung lamented Tongue-Tongue's situation when he was in Arthur's body by saying: "Gentle Tongue-Tongue. He weeps, for he has but one small tongue with which to taste an entire world."

Another quote, from earlier in the episode, is worth relating, I think: "Don't worry, you have nothing to fear from Tongue-Tongue; he's only tasting you. But, likewise, don't resist, for he can crush you quite easily. The tongue is a very powerful muscle, and Tongue-Tongue is all tongue. I am Dr. Mung-Mung. Now, release the nice moth-man, Tongue-Tongue. Here is an individually-wrapped slice of processed cheese."
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