Popular catchphrase of the pre-mainstream incarnation of shock-rock group Marilyn Manson. The phrase can be seen on various t-shirts and posters, and some people still like to jokingly refer to Mr. Manson himself as "the God of Fuck".

The phrase originated from the song "Cake and Sodomy", which is found on the band's first commercial LP, "Portrait of an American Family". The song is about the inherent hypocrisy of the moral values of American society, which was a somewhat fresh topic at the time of the song's release. How the phrase relates to the song is really anybody's guess; it is merely repeated in a throaty whisper eight times before the first verse kicks in.

Its inspiration might stem from the popular "I am the god of hellfire and I bring you fire" phrase, which has been sampled, resampled and reused on countless occasions throughout music history, but this is merely speculation.

Update: Several Marilyn Manson fansites from the Portrait era claim this is an original line of Charles Manson's. This would make sense, given that the band derives half of its name from the serial killer.

Example of source: http://www.dewn.com/mm/faq3.htm

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