This is a song by Ween, from the album God Ween Satan: The Oneness.

Being an example of their earlier work, this song is not exactly a shining diamond in the rough, but it is amusing. Joined by David Williams for this song, the Ween brothers dish out a song lacking melody but rich in charisma and high in fiber. Though for a lot of it they sound somewhat confused, as if one or both of them has forgotten the lyrics.

Imagine two voices in a threatening sort of way informing you of the following:

i'm in the mood to move to the left 3 feet godammit.
i'm in the mood to slide to the right hundred feet godammit
i'm in the mood to fall down the steps 4 flights godammit
i'm in the mood to fly in the air 12 feet muthafuck.

All stated very rhythmically and with no scent of humor, this song is actually rather scary, especially when the lyrics state that the singer is "in the mood to whip your body with a tire iron." Of course, that is balanced by the singer insisting that he is in the mood to move his body like a weasel. (As you will see if you experience more of their work, Ween has a thing with weasels.) Most of the rest is nonsense, and the background music is almost absent, it is a slow, sludgy rap that sounds as though all of the people involved in producing the song had to be drunk or high.

Of course, that is part of the Ween experience.

This song is © 1990 by Ween, Twin/Tone records.

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