How to catch the common housefly with bare hands

  1. Position open palms, face-in, equi-distant from resting housefly in the middle. Start some distance away so as not to alarm it.
  2. Gradually move both palms together, closing in on unsuspecting prey, making sure palms are always equi-distant to fly.
  3. When palms are about 6 inches apart, slam palms together.

Apparently, the fly reacts to threat in a very simple manner: by flying off directly away from the threat. By approaching it simultaneously from two opposite directions, it gets confused. (Heck, after a few beers, you can catch me the same way!) Try it this summer - on the flies, I mean - it really works.
Why this works:

A fly does not take off like an airplane. To get the acceleration neccesary to become airborne, a fly must make a vertical leap. Once it is in the air, its wings start going, and it gains control of its flight. When you sweep your hand over it, it is making this initial leap, and it will hop directly into your hand as it tries to fly away.

It's tricky to do, but very rewarding if you can master it. The technique is especially good for those of you who don't believe in killing living things, as the fly remains intact to do with as you wish. Personally, I like to torture and annoy the little buggers, like they do me. You may have to experiment with the height as well, as it depends on the fly, and how fast you swing your arm.

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