The problem is this:

You want to spread butter on your toast, but find that you either do not have enough on your bread or have unmelted chunks left over. Whether facing the former or the latter, you know your eating experience will be held you needed the melted butter for cinammon toast, moistening your dry bread, or just to satisfy your desire for heavily buttered toast.

The solution:

Bread gets hot enough to melt butter, obviously. It also dissipates its heat into the environment fairly quickly. What one should then do to maximize the butter meltage is be as efficient as possible with the toast during the time it is hot.

While the bread is toasting, cut about three thinish slices per slice of bread from the stick of butter and leave them on your plate. Once the bread has toasted, remove a slice and place its butter on it. Then, turn the butter over. This ensures that both sides begin heating...and will not remain solid.

It is a good idea to start the toaster (with the second piece of bread in it) while doing this. After turning over the butter, place the second piece of toast on top of the first. Place and flip the butter as done on the first piece.

At this point, take the first piece of toast and place it atop the second. Spread the butter (which should be very easy at this point) over its surface. All that remains is to do the same for the second.

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