Evil, dog-like creatures that live in the distant past and have the ability to travel through time. Sometimes called the Tind'losi Hounds, they live in a giant city called Tindalos, which is full is strange, corkscrew towers. They were created in the fiction of Frank Belknap Long and are considered part of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The Hounds are sensitive to the presence of "psychic time-travelers", or those who only send their minds back in time, and when they sense a visitor from another time--especially if a visitor and a Hound see each other--the monster will immediately begin to hunt them. Time travel is a complicated thing, and it actually takes several weeks, if not months, for a Hound to journey from its home in the past to its victim's home in the future. And the potential victim knows that the Hound is coming, and has lots of time to worry and try to make preparations.

In one more bit of weirdness, the Hounds perceive and experience time differently than we do. It is said that the Hounds live in the angles of time, whereas humans live in the curves of time. Perhaps for this reason, a Hound of Tindalos must materialize itself through an angle, like a corner of a room or a doorway. If you're being pursued by a Hound of Tindalos, you can build yourself a perfectly round house and be safe from them--unless the Hound chooses to materialize through the angle in the pocket of your jeans or a milk carton or a tooth filling...

"The Hounds of Tindalos" by Frank Belknap Long
Encyclopedia Cthulhiana by Daniel Harms, pp. 96-97

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