Homestead is a small city 25 miles south of Miami, Florida. It is located ten miles from Everglades National Park, and just north of Florida City, the last city before the long stretch of U.S. 1 heading into the Florida Keys. Very heavily damaged in Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Homestead has since made an amazing recovery, going from ruins to a beautiful city. Homestead is the hub of a large and thriving farming community, situated in the middle of the agricultural area of The Redlands, and is home to the massive Homestead Farmer's Market.

Homestead's population is approximately 28,666, with approximately 10,775 families. Its land area is about 30 square kilometers, and the average temperature is 75 degrees F, thanks to cool breezes off of Florida Bay. It does occasionally have hard freezes during the winter, which can lead to crop damage.

Homestead is home to the mysterious Coral Castle


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