The Hokule'a class is a class of starship in the Star Trek universe of films, television shows, and novels.

The only Hokule'a-class starship mentioned in the canonical Star Trek films and shows was the USS Tripoli (NCC-19386), the ship which first discovered the android Data on the planet Omicron Theta. This ship was never shown on screen, however.

Nevertheless, as tends to happen, the community of devoted Trek fans has come to a consensus as to what the Hokule'a class looks like. Images can be seen here. They have also decided that its function is as a long-range scout vessel.

According to non-canonical sourcebooks and novels, other Hokule'a-class starships besides the Tripoli (and, presumably, the original USS Hokule'a itself) include the USS Deseado (NCC-63118) and the USS Sakai (NCC-19386).

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