The world's largest beer hall. Found on the corner of Brauhausstrasse and Maderbraustrasse in Munich, Germany.

Legend has it that Hitler was carried out of The Hoffbruahaus after an exuberant night's drinking, and the symbol for the Nazi party was inspired by the swastika designs on the ceiling.

Opposite Planet Hollywood in lovely downtown Munich, this enormous beer hall is a major tourist attraction, even outside oktoberfest time in Bavaria. Possibly the best tasting beer in Europe can be found in Bavaria, and inside the Hoffbrauhaus it can be consumed in hefty one litre steins along with somewhat bland meals consising of sauerkraut, mashed potato and wurst. There's even a band that will entertain you with traditional drinking songs in English and German.

Watching a woman carry twelve one litre glass beer steins at a time is a sight to behold. When empty these drinking vessels are still quite heavy!

The only downside of an evenings' visit to this place is the inflated prices.

HofBräuHaus (yard-brew-house), in Munich, Germany, is best known for being the bierstube (a pub or bar) where Adolf Hitler proposed the new program for the nazi party. He read the 25 points of the declaration on February 24, 1920 in the banquet hall.

HofBräuHaus still exists and serves some excellent beer that they make themselves. I visited the place with my gymnasieclass (like high school) in 1998, and we decided to piss off the germans (we were pretty drunk at that point), so we stood up and sang the Danish national anthem as loud as we could. I stole one of the big 1 liter mugs that Germany is so famous for. It is one of my most cherished souvenirs.

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