The Cantos of our Years


Four years, four short ages

Four years of books

Four years of pages


Four years, four years of fame

Four years of distinction

Four years of shame


Four years, four years of delight

Four years of courage

Four years of fright


Four years, four years of sorrow

Four years of today

Four years of tomorrow


In these four years, a lifetime dwell

Each day was heaven

Each day was hell


In these four years, a lesson was learned

In memory planted

In memory burned


In these four years, a family was born

Friendships were mended

Friendships were torn


In these four years is the tree of our past

For some it will wither

For some it will last


Now boldly, we look at the times yet to be

Some will be burdened

Some will be free


Now boldly, we stare at the face of tomorrow

Its visage brings joy

Its visage brings sorrow


Now boldly, we set our feet on the track

Some staying away

Some coming right back


Now boldly, we say our tender good-byes

Farewell to the truth

Farewell to the lies


Our future is coming, the past left in dust

A future with doubt

A future with trust


Our future is coming, with all of its vigor

A time met with ease

A time met with rigor


Our future is coming, for better or worse

Asleep in a crib

Asleep in a hearse


Our future is coming, and here is the issue

Who here will forget?

Who here will miss you?


This being said, we end our time here

With those we despise

With those we hold dear


This being said, we leave from this place

To take one more test

To run one more race


This being said, we forge a new road

With great ease ahead

With a back-breaking load


This being said, we can rest at ease

For a time we are careless

For a time we are free


To send you away, I give you a prayer

Dear God, give them peace

Dear God, give them care


To send you away, I give you a quote

Life is a river

And love is the boat


To send you away, I give you a friend

To live in your heart

And stay till the end


To send you away, I give you this task

Live your life like you mean it

And never look back.

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