Windows allows you to share any drive or directory across a network. One item that a lot of folks don't know about is the ability to create hidden shares on Windows NT.

Hidden shares do not show up in browsers. You can create one on your work machine, but IT personnel and other office workers would not see it if they used Windows Explorer to view what was on your computer. Some IT personnel create hidden shares that contain the complete installation program for your computer.

To create a hidden share directory, just append a $ to the directory name (secret$, for example). If you need something from that hidden shared directory, you just need to map to your directory directly. You must know the name of the hidden share, since you must type it in manually.

Now you can put some personal items in there, like Quake. A very competant admin can still find it, but they have to be looking for it. It at least keeps out the nosy cubicle rats.

Windows NT will automatically create hidden shares for all local drives, and one called WINNT$ which is your NT directory. All these are hidden, and are created at install time. Only admin have rights to access them.

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