Hell Isn't Good
Artist: DVDA featuring James Hetfield of Metallica
Album: None! Odd they didn't put it on the South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut soundtrack...
Running Time: 1:19

Hell Isn't Good is a song by DVDA (who are basically Trey Parker and Matt Stone) featuring James Hetfield from the heavy metal band Metallica. It is from the South Park movie and wasn't put on the soundtrack for some reason(or at least it wasn't put on any that I could find). To me this is pretty much criminal, because not only is it a funny sequence to be reminded of, it also rocks your god-damned socks off.

But where did we hear this? When Kenny goes to hell of course! So basically it's fast, hard and loud. Well, the second bit is. The first bit is a nice little piano ballad (the bit where Kenny ascends to Heaven) and then it just explodes in a fury of hard riffs and fast druming (when Kenny falls to Hell). Of course, James Hetfield's voice, perfect for the job, is none the weaker either.

Ah, memories.....


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