The Jewish counterpart to Santa Claus.

Hanukkah Harry (or Chanukah Charry, but this spelling is, for obvious reasons, not often used) is the person who leaves anonymous gifts for good little girls and boys in Jewish households. He avoids visiting some Orthodox homes, however, because Hanukkah is not a Biblical feast and is therefore not observed by some Orthodox Jews.

Why 'Hanukkah Harry' and not Santa? Well, Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, who (although bearded) is definitely not a Nice Jewish Boy. Chanukah, moreover, is not only a celebration of the miracle involving oil lamps. It is also a celebration of Judah and the Maccabees (...WBAENFARB...), who used the intelligence of a goyishe kup to defeat a larger force of soldiers who were out to destroy Jewish traditions. In other words, celebrating Chanukah/Hanukkah by adopting the whole "Santa" business would negate the main point of the holiday.

Now you know... and knowing is three-sevenths of the battle!

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