Nice bedroom community north of New Haven. Home of the Eli Whitney industrial museum, Sleeping Giant State Park (a series of hills that look like a sleeping man, sort of), Quinnipiac College, and myself. Somewhat schizophrenically divided between sprawling industrial/commercial blight, and genteel suburbia, it's less WASP than Irish/Italian strivers, Yale professors, and a good deal of professionals of all nationalities. Yawn.

A small city (although called a town by pretty much everyone here) in Connecticut.

Alice Peck
Bear Path
Church Street
Dunbar Hill
Helen Street
Ridge Hill
Shepherd Glen
Spring Glen
West Woods

Junior High/Middle School:
[Hamden Middle School (HMS)
High School:
[Hamden High School[ (HHS)

Quinipiac University

Hamden is also home to many fine pizza restaurants, along with being a home to me.

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