This is one of the best ways to cook halibut, or almost any white fish other than black cod. it is even good with low quality salmon like pinks or coho.

Stuff you will need:
Soy Sauce (3/4 cup)
Yang Jang Preserved Black Beans (these are salted black beans used in oriental cooking)
Onions (one or two)
Oyster or Fish sauce (not all that important)
Honey (just a bit)
Fresh Ginger (lots)
Fresh Garlic (lots)
Balsamic Vinegar or Red Wine (just a bit)
Pepper (just a bit)
Mustard (just a bit)
Halibut (about 3 lbs)
White flour (about 1 cup)
Cooking Oil

Cut the Halibut into aproximatly 1X1X2 inch pices and coat in flour.
Mix soy sauce with about a tea spoon oyser or fish sauce, about 2 tea spoons honey, about a 2 inch pice of fresh ginger grated, about 4 cloves garlic about 2 teaspoons balsomic vinigar or red wine, a sprinkle of pepper a teaspoon of mustard and about 3 cups of warm water into a quart jar or mesuring cup.
Chop onion(s) in half and then slice across so you have half rings.
Chop black beans into little pices (even though they are already fairly small)

Cover the botom if a wok (if you don't have a wok a frying pan also works) in oil and heat very hot. add a couple pinches of choped black beans and about one third the onions. Mix around then add one third the fish. Fry fish one one side for 30 seconds to one minute then flip and add sauce. Mix the fish in the sauce and put on a lid. Cook for about 3 mins mixing every 1 min. remove lid and mix until you can flake fish with the spatula which shouldn't be more than one minute. empty and repeat untill fish is all cooked. Cook at high heat and never overcook.
If you would like to make more or less fish it is about a cup of sauce per pound of fish and don't cook more than one pound at a time.

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