The Hackworth Dome, built into The Tech Museum of Innovation, is basically an IMAX theater on crack.

"Unlike traditional flat screen IMAX theaters, the new, state-of-the-art Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater features a giant eight story domed screen and six-channel, digital wrap around sound with 13,000 watts of power coming from 44 speakers. It seats 295 people in special reclining chairs that accentuate the feeling of actually being in the movie."

The theater was named after Mike Hackworth, the CEO of Cirrus Logic. Its a very cool theater. The effect of the dome is to make the image completely enclose your field of vision. The seats are in a very steep formation, so that everyone has a simalar viewpoint. The first couple intro reels are pretty killer. You can see nor hear nothing but the movie. Sadly, most movies shown here (I saw Fantasia 2000) were filmed for standard IMAX, and don't take full advantage of the dome.

If you happen to be afraid of heights, have epilepsy, or don't have lots of money, then stay home.

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