A wonderful song that I first ran into on the Swing Kids soundtrack (a great soundtrack for a so-so movie). Anyway, iTunes (via cddb) tells me that the artists are Mack Gordon and Harry Revel although I doubt the woman who sings the song went by either 'Mack' or 'Harry'. Looking online I know there is a version sung by Ella Fitzgerald, but I don't know her voice well enough to say if it's her*. I believe that Benny Goodman may be behind the band—a collection of big band brass and woodwinds, with a nice plucking bass and that cool old dust-on-the-record static.

Goodnight, My Love
Mack Gordon, Harry Revel
[track 12 off of the 1993 "Swing Kids" soundtrack]

"Goodnight my love...
the tired old moon is descending

Goodnight, my love
My moment with you now is ending

It was so heavenly...
holding you...
...close to me

It will be heavenly
to hold you again in our dream(s)

The stars ... above
have promised to meet us tomorrow

'Til then,
my love
how dreary the new day will seem

So, for the present, dear
we'll have to part

Sleep tight, my love
Goodnight, my love

Remember that you're mine,

You can give the first 30 seconds of it (just instruments, no vocals) a listen via RealAudio at http://www.buy.com/retail/music/product.asp?sku=60011007
I sang this song at my mother's 70th birthday and she fell in love with the song.

* if you happen to know the singer, please let /msg me and I'll update it.

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