Goodbye, Chunky Rice is a graphic novel by Craig Thompson. Unlike a lot of underground graphic novels, Goodbye, Chunky Rice, doesn't deal with sex, violence or adult themes, although it is also definitly not written for children.

The story follows Chunky Rice, an anthropomorphic turtle, and his girlfriend, Dandel, an anthropomorphic mouse. Everyone else in the story is human, or a regular animal. Although Chunky loves Dandel, he needs to take a voyage, since he is a turtle. His roommate, a scruffy loser, brings Chunky to meet the roommates brother, a gruff sea captain. On the ship, Chunky meets a pair of Siamese Twins. The story follows Chunky's voyage across the ocean, as well as Dandel's missing him. The other characters lives are also explained in a series of flashbacks.

Although the cartooning is somewhat cartoony, the oceanscapes that take up many panels are full of depth and somewhat seem to clash with the character drawings.

Describing the story doesn't quite do justice to the extant of emotion that Craig manages to pull out of it. Although in the first few pages, the story and characters take some getting used to, by the end of the book, I was crying.

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