Oingo Boingo's third album, released in 1983 on A&M Records (catalogue number 3252). Musically, the style isn't much different than that of Oingo Boingo's previous album though the songs are great on this album too and I think the lyrics are better. It incorporates a bit more synthesizer sounds but still no where near as much as many 80s bands. The title track is about indulgence in something during times of mental distress, though the lyrics don't state in what specifically. The album was initially released on cassette and vinyl, then reissued on CD in 1987. On the back of the packaging there's a flourescent pink skull within a circle (a logo that shows up several times on Oingo Boingo releases) that, if you stare at long enough then look at something else, will still see it (though faded) because of its bright colour. Good For Your Soul was produced by Robert Margouleff.

holliman informs me that the character Kuwabara in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho has a copy of this album's cover hanging on his wall at some point in the series.

Band members at the time:

Track list:

  1. Who Do You Want To Be (3:32)
  2. Good For Your Soul (3:15)
  3. No Spill Blood (3:42)
  4. Cry Of The Vatos (3:21)
  5. Fill The Void (3:42)
  6. Sweat (4:48)
  7. Nothing Bad Ever Happens (3:42)
  8. Wake Up (It's 1984) (4:43)
  9. Dead Or Alive (4:04)
  10. Pictures Of You (4:03)
  11. Little Guns (3:42)
Total running time: 41:38

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